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  • vkrishn
    08-13 11:55 AM

    How can you get approved when your PD is March 10 2006 and as per August bulletein you are not current and Sep bulletin comes in to Effect only from Sep1st?

    Not to take your 15 mins of fame from you, just feel what USCIS is doing is totally unfair.

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  • vdlrao
    04-05 03:50 PM
    I am posting this from Ron Gotcher's forum-

    "Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11040563 (posted Apr. 5, 2011)"

    Following-up ----------------------------------------are used. However, a rapid advance could spur a surge in demand that could impact the cut-off dates later in the year. The May Visa Bulletin, --------------of the year.

    Is that mean they are going to move the PDs much further and again move back during the end of the year!!

    So isn't this implying that the PDs will advance very very further than the available visa numbers!!!!!!!!!!


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:10 AM
    Yes, that is the part of the problem
    are you paranoid that you are going to loose your job real soon, why do you need a GC sooner, how is it going to change your sorry life.

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-05 02:46 PM

    Its good to see some of the Very active members of s-1932 again in this site.
    This site looks very good, I followed the S1932 thread in immigration.com very closely, but was disappointed after its defeat inspite all the guys aggressive enthu and hardwork. As most people i too feel that we failed because of lack of Lobbying. If everyone can contribute for noble cause that will be great. I have a small suggestion I am not sure whether it sounds right to everyone or not, but in order to start collecting the funds i would suggest that Moderator open a new thread/link about the contributions so that members who are joining eveyday in this forum will get the momentum to contribute. It would be good if it has name(Registered name), amount and date and the sum collected so far. This is just my suggestion if it sounds illogic please disregard.



    Your suggestions are welcome. We have also received requests wherein people don't want their contributions disclosed. Anyway since this is a voluntary donation, we will post some kind of overall numbers in terms of collections versus target which should help.
    Hope that helps the premise of your suggestion


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  • meraNumberKabAayega
    03-31 12:49 PM
    As per my understanding it seems that these 12000 visas are coming from the first 6 months of the EB1 under usage only and there is a good change that we might get another 8000 to 10000 EB1 visas fall down to EB2 in next 2 quarters. Please correct me if my assumption is not correct.

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  • gc_wow
    09-23 09:32 PM
    May be it was updated on the website on 25th Aug 09, System date should be present on the report, Report with out date on it is meaning less, I hope the USCIS IT team will understand that, I dont understand what kind of reporting specialists USCIS hires, that is a fundamental thing USCIS should know, Report should have a system time stamp on it saying when it was generated.


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  • aquarianf
    06-15 11:45 AM

    Hi everyone ,

    i have three question please please anyone answer ....

    1 - i have previously applied but was returned due to pd not current , what to file in the form where it say if u have appllied before ? ( i am filing on my own this time )

    2 - should the salary be there on employment letter . if so the present day salary or the one with labour approve ?

    3 - i have an A# when my file was returned should i use that or leave it blank wherever it is asked also my wife have TIN number is that what i am supposed to write where it ask her to give her SSN

    i will appreciate anyone answering any question please

    thank you


    My attorney said only copy of recent i-94 and i-797 required.

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  • kowligi
    01-24 01:16 PM
    I have attended the Interview for H1 B renewal at the US consulate in Toronto (Although i see a lot of posts concerning US consulates in India....thought this might be helpful for someone who would attend an interviewat US consulate in Toronto)

    I attended the Interview on Jan 16th at toronto for H1 B renewal and i got my passport back on Jan 23rd (4 business days as the officer told me as jan 21st is a holiday...martin Luther king day)

    I have been speaking to some people at the consulate and for them it is taking 5-8 business days and for some they got it in 4 business days.....the worst i have seen is for a lady who was coming to the consulate from past 3 weeks everyday and there is no ETA on her status..(i hope she gets her passport soon:) )...

    Unfortunately most of the people who attended there did not know of these delays and are struck cancelling and re-booking their flight tickets and extending their hotel stay


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  • brb2
    10-07 09:28 PM
    Hard to tell. FBI nor USCIS has ever published demographic information on name checks. Out of 1 million USC and and 1 million or so green cards some of them get stuck in name check. Indians and Chinese don't make up more than 10% of these people yet, most of the name check complaints on the web are from these two groups. It is hard to say if this means these are the most affected groups because many family category immigrants may not be very educated and articulate and may not be petitioning the government and being proactive. So it is very hard to say if one or the other group is more or less affected. You can however look up the below link and form an opinion yourself from the 4000 odd signatures of people stuck in name check:


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  • prioritydate
    07-14 10:26 AM
    Loo Doggs is a xenophobe and nativist to the core...

    He doesn't like Illegal immigrants "because they broke the law"

    He says he likes Legal immigration, but then he curses every avenue for legal immigration under curent law.
    1. He calls the diversity visa lottery the "great american giveaway" and has called for its abolition.
    2. He calls family immigration "chain migration"
    3. Finally, he calls employment-based immigrants as "stealing american jobs"

    C'mon dude, its time to give up the pretense that you like immigrants!!

    Too bad! they didn't deported his Granny when they came through Ellis Island.


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  • apnair2002
    01-24 06:03 PM
    01/24/2006: Senate May Table Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills As Early As February 2, Thursday

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that the Senate may table this bill earlier than expected. Since there is the nightmarish Sensenbrenner border protection bill that will come up with the comprehensive immigration reform legislation, it appears that the pro-immigration forces may have to energize their forces and start working on the critical immigration legislation.

    courtesy: www.immigration-law.com
    01/24/2006: AILA Reports Push-Back of Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Debate Schedules

    AILA reported last week that the Senate Judiciary Committee could start immigration reform debates as early as February 2, but now it reports that the Senate Committee action on immigration legislation may be pushed back until later in February or perhaps into March.

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  • diptam
    09-26 04:37 PM
    Just Kidding - reading your post i was feeling like I'm reading a comment from Fox News. However i do respect your opinion and thanks for expressing it.

    My Point is more long term - in the shorter term no major change can happen to economy even if Barack wins but eventually Economy would be stronger under Barack's leadership. He also stressed that he would stop "JOBS BEING SHIPPED OVERSEAS" which means companies like TATA or INFY or some Chinese company taking my Job ( or any American's Job ) away from US to INDIA or CHINA. If you are planning a future in US - you would not want your US job taken away by your brother at INDIA or CHINA and Barack will make sure that doesn't happen.

    The Bottonline is he will create tons of Jobs at US , so unemployment will be very low , average peoples will be happy and however loud ANTI-IMMIGRANTS scream and shout no AMERICAN will pay attention. Our EB reforms will Pass much easily and we will be able to able to lead a much happier and content life with GREEN CARD.

    Once again my Point is definitely Long Term - in the shorter duration Barack has to first fix the Mortgage Mess and do something with Iran by taking help from EUROPE.


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  • abhijitp
    01-11 12:48 AM

    Can it be done on this thread, or (probably better) do we need a new thread?

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  • lifestrikes
    09-30 02:45 PM

    Text from Lingo

    Calls to mobile phones, premium and special service numbers are not included in the unlimited international destinations. US includes AK, HI, PR, USVI and calls to cellular phones.

    It's better to find out what they consider as Premium and Special Service numbers.


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  • meghanap2000
    10-20 12:32 PM
    Well..congratulations indeed. After you interview, did you do open a SR, take InfoPass or talk to IO on phone about your case status?
    We are still waiting here and wondering what can we do to nudge the process.

    This info is for the cases who had the interview local USCIS offices where they live.
    After interview ,pls take info pass for every 2 or 3 weeks and when you meet infopass officer, please fill up one yellow form (this form used to send any request to any other department who handled 485 cases.) to adjudicate your case.Make sure you give your i-485 copies and i-140 copies, You can write at least 5 or 6 sentences at the end of the yellow form to supervisor epalining when u r intervew is completed ,,u r PD is current etc etc.

    The way it works like this :
    The dept that takes care i-485 interviews is different from the dept infopass officers in local office.Even though they are in same office, the only way infopass officers can send request the 485 dept is using the yellow form..Pls request for it. Then most of the times info pass officer fils up the form and you will add any additional info at the end of the form. Then infopass officer will send the form to 485 dept supervisor.Supervisor will see the yellow form..if you are lucky he/she wil take action imediatly..otherwise go again after 2 weeks..Request the info pass officer twice or thrice..

    This helped me...

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  • lavenyahs
    05-24 11:57 AM
    Hello All,

    In my Birth certiifcate which was registered immediately after 10 days of my birth ,as per Indian custom I was named after my Grandmother and the birth certificate has that name. But later while joining in school we changed it to a different name just retaining a half of my Grandmother's name. So the Birth certificate I now have has a different name from my current name , what I now have in my passport and everything. So while filing I-485 what do I do? Is a sworn affidavit by my parents stating the name change and my Matriculation certificate showing my current name enough. I have waited 41/2 yrs in H4 to get Labor cleared and PD to become current and now I am going nuts. Pls. reply


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  • kushaljn
    01-04 02:06 AM
    Did anyone who was given that yellow form and asked that he/she would receive an email get email from the consulate.

    Was any one successfully receive a visa stamp after being referred to PIMS system?
    What is the time line for such visa stamps?

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  • sri1309
    03-10 12:11 PM
    VERY GOOD START. Thanks. Atlast, I am getting lot of positive comments and thoughts about the Citizenship. Let every one start working on this. Please post your response from your Senetor on your call.


    Good job in creating the thread. Around the time when you started this or little before I too created one more asking Citizenship (I'm sure many more might have, too), but I would like to push your thread just to not divert attention to too many spots.

    We will make next week as a "WEEK OF ACTION". If you see my other thread ("can we send Pizza" thread) and many others, the common routine is to get many good ideas, but not much action.

    We will gather as much support as we can till this weekend and at the same time make sure we consolidate the contact information at one place who to contact, and then starting next week, we can start sending out our message as loud as we can.
    We must push for 5 years GC and 10 years Citizenship. I know how much painful it canbe for someone after 11 years waiting for GC, wheras others with 6-7 years in US applying for Citizenship. Not that they got it, but why we did not get it.
    And we will focus on points how we can contribute in this crisis.

    Others who are directly not benefited by this action:
    Please note all your seniors will be out of the queues and you will get your numbers faster.

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  • H1B-GC
    10-18 04:51 AM
    Who is this " Mr. Cannon" ??

    01-25 06:04 PM
    Air India flying direct to India starting from feb 08, at least that's what I was told when I went through that horryifing experience in UK (see my post above)
    Air India has been flying direct non stop to india from NYC area for quite some time now.......

    and i was recently in seattle - driving by boeing facility (its actually right by the main freeway)- saw quite a few brand new planes with Air India and Jet signage.......so help is on the way :-)

    also - am shocked that people still use travel agents - when all major airlines scream at the top of their voices that their lowest fares are online.....

    i have flown non stop from NYC area at all times of the year and also have bought tickets for my parents from delhi-newark and return - all on continental.com and have never paid more than $1100 per person ...(sometimes even around 850) plus if you use the right kind of credit card online - you can recover almost 10% of the cost via rewards points.

    as an aside - an interesting story


    11-27 11:22 PM
    Originally Posted by ashkam
    Lost in all this is the fact that Punjabi wants to sell his house not because he cannot afford it anymore, but because he wants to move to a different city to a higher paying job and can't be bothered to take responsibility for his failed real estate venture. He could have done the ethical thing and stayed in his present job and paid off his loan but he is choosing not to. And who does he blame for his situation? The concept of the "American dream". So the fact that he wants to shirk his responsibilities in favor of foisting his own debt onto the rest of the country isn't his own fault, it's the "American Dream" that's making him do this. It's not exigent financial circumstances that are causing him to foreclose, it is greed and shortsightedness (colloquially known as "The American Dream"). Greed and shortsightedness already caused him to go 20K under the water. And they will now make him screw up his own credit history. If someone cannot learn from one mistake, I say let him keep making mistakes. He will soon find out how difficult life in the US can be if you don't have a good credit history. As for the burden on us taxpayers, hey, we've been spending 10 billion a week for the past 5 years dropping bombs on people, what's a mere 20K?

    If you are fooled once, blame it on others.
    If you are fooled twice, blame it on yourself.

    He didn’t think twice before buying the house. He bought because everyone was buying. Now he wants to foreclose because everyone is doing. Punjabi is not ready to learn from mistake.

    Aleast let us learn from him. Punjabi, please go ahead and do what you want(Foreclose). Also please update this forum with whatever you are going through. It might be helpful for others atleast.