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  • indi_gc_need
    01-29 10:48 AM
    Where are you in GC process ? Labor / 140 /485 ?

    As long as you have a valid H4 visa, you can enter back with out any issues ... Discuss with an attorney, who will provide you specifics you are looking for !

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  • darshan1226
    03-25 06:42 PM
    Texas service center

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  • god_bless_you
    04-05 09:06 PM
    Using the following Google Customized search Engine

    Immigration Search Engine (http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=012620551926076505117%3A4ha20owcsow)

    you can search against 5 different Immigration forums(you can add more here) with single query
    Please try and add more useful immigration related forums sites

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  • lazycis
    01-28 09:51 PM
    Yes, $340 if you filed I-485 before 8/17/2007.


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  • mallikonnet
    07-18 07:03 PM
    please put ' before the url
    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=f3fe194d3e88d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD


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  • sreeanne
    11-16 06:22 PM

    My wife was working on H1B now and she got EAD last week. Out of the following options which is TRUE and which is BETTER.

    Option 1--> Moving to EAD from H1B by signing on I-9
    Option 2--> COS from H1 to H4 and then to EAD.

    I read in some of our threads that if we choose option 1 and if something goes wrong in AOS, we have to file for new H1B again. We have to wait for quota etc etc.

    I also read that if we choose Option 2, if something goes wrong in EAD, we can always change back [ie RESUME]to H1B.

    I am not so sure about these. Could some one share their thought.



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  • kdd
    08-24 01:05 AM
    Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I meant what's going on here:

    public ComplexNumber( double real ):this( real, 0 )

    What is ": this" doing after the function definition?

    Thanks! :)

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  • nk2006
    07-02 11:51 AM
    ATA conf is a popular event among South Indian (Telugu) immigrants - this year their meeting is in NJ. During this even they seems to have an immigration forum with Attorney Murthy - details are below. If enough IV members are attending - it will be a good idea to have an informal meeting among ourselves. I am also trying to contact organizers to see if they will be OK to announce about IV and our activities - some of us can volunteer to talk to anyone interested to talk more or involve in IV's acitivities.

    Announcement from ATA follows:
    NRI Committee of American Telugu Association (ATA) is inviting attendees and all Telugu people to take advantage of the Immigration Forum that is expanded to cover over three hours with several practicing attorneys lead by Smt. Sheela Murthy, popular immigration attorney

    The Immigration forum will be held on 4th of July in the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 5 PM at the Penn Hilton Hotel, Garden State Ballroom.

    The forum is expected to provide guidance to "Immigration questions" related to various professions such as IT/Software, Medical and Family based issues. The forum in addition also focuses on Excessive Delays in Processing. Participants can have many technical and general questions answered first hand from the attorneys with several years of experience in these matters.

    Please mark your calendar for July 4th at 1:30 PM and check the schedule from ATA Convention site by going to www.ataworld. org/2008.


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  • newtoh1
    04-29 04:37 PM
    1)My I 94 expires in 2 months.I don't want to extend H1 and I want to use EAD.So how can I extend my I94 if I start using EAD?

    2)I finished 4yrs of stay on H1B. If I don't extend H1B now and start using EAD, if by any reason my 485 denies in future, can I switch back to my H1B and work for the remaining 2yrs on H1B?

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  • baburob2
    08-07 12:46 PM
    yes, you can. also, you could go to stamping even with expired visa. eitherway it doesn't matter. because at the start of your H1B interview they cancel your old H1B stamp.


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  • srilakshmij
    02-11 11:45 AM

    One of my friends lost his Petition papers. His H1-B visa is about to expire and he wants to file for an extension. Currently he is in India and was planning to travel to US this week, when he lost his petition papers.

    Will it be possible for him to travel to US without his Petition papers and apply for a duplicate / extension?

    Please let me know any help line number where he can call to clarify his doubts.

    Thanks much

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  • Ramkumar
    03-17 11:03 AM

    I�m in EB2 and My I-140 was approved September 2008 through Employer A. And I got laid off on November 2009 from EMP A, within 15 days I joined another Employer B. As per policy, employer B is not going to file GC for me. Already I spend 5 years on my H1B. I check with EMP A�s HR dept, they will not revoke my I-140 and H1B. I know AC21 is one of the options to transfer (Portability) my PD to Emp B after apply I-485.

    It would be great if I get answer the below my Question:

    1. If my PD is current, Will I eligible to apply I-485 using Employer A I-140 approved?
    2. What are the documents needed from employer A, if I want apply I-485?
    3. All my friends telling me, I can apply I-485, Is it true?

    Tons of Thanks,


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  • jaggu80
    10-10 04:54 AM
    Hi needed help regarding my starting date of my job. I am supposed to start my job in US on october 25th and currently i am in india. But I am still waiting for my H1B approval. If
    h1b petition is approved and If I interview after October 25th(Start date) for my visa at us consulate back in Mumbai, Is it ok or will there be a problem regarding start date meaning will consulate officer ask why i am late or your start date is already gone how can i issue a visa........any adivce regarding the situation.

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  • honeybee
    09-25 03:26 PM
    that's excellent news, but may not be very helpful for those whose priority dates are retrogressed, whether the I-140 is approved in 1 month, or 12 months.

    Premium processing (i.e. PERM) helps labor applicants more because of the difference in processing times between regular and PERM processing.

    For I-140 the average processing time is about 3 months only (source: http://www..com/usa-immigration-trackers/i140-graph/), so what's the big advantage of premium processing for I-140? Are they going to approve I-140 in one day with premium processing?


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  • hpandey
    12-28 10:30 AM
    My wife has FP appointment scheduled for 12/29/07, She is in india now. I have returned from india today only(12/28) and saw the FP appointment. Can i reschedule FP one day before the appointment date? If i send the reschedule request today will USCIS accept it? since there is only one day left. Please advice me.


    Hi Sunil

    On 11/27 last month you said that you had received your FP appointment notice and you want to reschedule it . Did you not do it at that time ? Is this the second time you want to reschedule.

    The procedure is the same as explained in your first post and yes you can reschedule it one day before it is due ( but I would strongly advise against it if this is the second time you want to reschedule ).

    But I guess since your wife is in India you have no choice. Consult your lawyer also in this case so as to keep him in the loop and get his advise also.

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  • dan19
    10-25 05:04 PM
    Recently my friend filed..It took 25 days

    my wife is moving to another employer. they filed her h1b transfer 2 weeks back. does anyone have an estimate on when she should get here receipt???


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  • milind70
    08-06 10:51 AM
    forgot to attach my previous employer experience letter

    They will issue a RFE most likely, you can send it then. My friend was in the same istuation in March they send him an RFE.Hope this helps

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  • samcam
    10-31 11:25 AM
    My employer will not withdraw my I-140. Should I still go ahead with AC21 or should I just do change of address with USCIS?
    I will be starting my new job pretty soon. Any useful suggestions appreciated.


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  • gotgc?
    09-18 10:20 AM

    My pending I-140 (filed an year ago...June 2006) was transferred from TSC to NSC on 09/05/2007, because my I-485 was filed with NSC. What date willl NSC use as received date to process my case...the date they received from TSC or the original receipt date?

    07-28 06:51 PM
    Hi IV Gurus,

    My Attorney filed my EAD application with invalid A# number in May,08 and my EAD got approved in July,08 with Invalid A# number. While going through my EAD card, I found invalid A# number on my EAD Card.

    I sent a email to attorney regarding this one and he says that they filed EAD with invalid A# number and USCIS approved the EAD with Invalid A# number.It should not be an issue and the only way to �fix� this would be to file a new I-765 application and get a new EAD. It is certainly not an issue for employment eligibility at your current company".

    Attorney also saying that they can file new EAD, but he needs send my Original EAD card along with the application.

    My Questions are
    1).Do I need send my Original EAD along with new EAD application ? Can I file with new EAD application with photo copy of my current EAD ?
    2). Can I keep my current EAD (with Invalid A# Number on it) and apply next re-newel period with correct A# Number?
    3).If I leave the country, while coming back at Port Of Entry do I see any problem? My I-485 and AP with valid A# Number and EAD with Invalid A# Number..
    4).Do I see any issue, if I switch job with current EAD with Invalid A# Number?

    Please give your suggestions.


    09-20 11:06 PM
    Hi Vivasan

    I have also been denied an H1b visa this year.. Though I had a strong IT background in a very sought after technology, I dont know what went wrong..

    Did you re-appeal for it? How did it go? what is your status now.. i am eager to hear back from you as it would be help me know the process better..

    Thanks in anticipation