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  • drona
    07-11 02:59 AM
    Posted by Afriquenligne.fr

    US Immigrants protest Green Card delays with flowers
    taken from Wikinews

    Hundreds of legal, highly-skilled workers in the United States sent hundreds of flowers to the Director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Emilio Gonzalez as part of a symbolic and peaceful protest over what they said was a "flip-flop" by the State Department and the USCIS on eliminating Green card processing delays.

    Dr. Gonzalez announced on the USCIS website late last night that the flowers will be forwarded to the injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    In response, Immigration Voice, a non-profit organization representing skilled, legal immigrants, said that they welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest and are overjoyed that these flowers will brighten the day of the injured service brethren.

    Immigration Voice also said that it is their sacrifice for American freedom that has made this country great and such a desirable destination for multitude of people from around the world and that they wanted to say "Thank you and god bless you" to the servicemen.

    http://www.afriquenligne.fr/news/daily_news/us_immigrants_protest_green_card_delays_with_flowe rs_200707112234/

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  • whitecollarslave
    01-14 01:43 PM
    I posted the following question for the Nevada Presidential debate. I urge all of you, specially if you are from Nevada, to ask a similar question.


    "Illegal immigration has been a topic of heated debate and has received much needed attention during this election. Many of you have taken a strong position on one side or the other of this issue while ignoring the problems of aspiring legal immigrants. In the midst of all the hype and bickering about ILLEGAL immigration, there is a group of people, often forgotten and ignored, who are caught up in a bureaucratic mess and stuck in a limbo, patiently waiting on the path to LEGAL immigration. This is a group of high skilled workers, most of whom have advanced degrees in medicine, engineering and science from Universities in the US. These people have worked hard, paid taxes and waited their turn, many for a decade, without the end anywhere near sight because of a system that is hopelessly broken and inefficient. I am one of those people. I have been here legally for 10 years and still years away from the realizing the dream of immigrant status.

    As the President of the United States how do you intend to address the problems faced by future Americans already living and working LEGALLY in the United States?"

    For the skeptics-

    I know the chances of including such a question are really slim, specially with the sponsors they have. However, if a lot of us ask similar questions, maybe they might bring it up.

    Also, one might argue that even if they pose the question its not like all the backlogs are going to be eliminated. Thats not the expectation here. The idea behind this is to create an awareness and start people/media talking about problems of legal immigration.

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  • chandrajp
    04-20 01:22 PM
    A friend of mine forgot (!!) :confused: to renew his EAD when it expired last September. He then applied for renewal 60 days after the expiration date and got his new EAD without any problem, no questions asked!
    I filed for my own renewal about 90 days before the expiration date and when about 85 days had passed and I was getting worried, I called USCIS and was told: " Do you need the card to show your employer that you are legal? No? Then, don't worry about it. As long as you applied on-time, you are fine." I actually received the EAD five days after the expiration date...
    These two experiences are from California Center.
    Thanks for your respons. I felt a bit relieved.
    I cannot renew my Driver's License if I don't have a valid work permit. I doubt whether the Receipt notice is enough for the Drivers License office to issue a new DL. I changed my employer and the new employer may ask for a new one. But I'm hoping that I might get one in less than 3 months. Let's see

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  • singhsa3
    11-04 01:22 PM
    Job Zone 4 does not automatically translate to EB3. Even though the title maybe EB-3, if the requirements exceed normal requirements for jobs in Job Zone 4 then after a (successful) business necessity audit the candidate maybe able to file in EB2.


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  • hpandey
    09-23 04:42 PM
    There seem to be 19 applications from 1998 and 25 applications from 1999. I wonder how come these have not been approved in 10 years while their dates have been current almost all the time. Either these have been abdandoned or are not approvable.

    I think its time for USCIS to do some cleaning up also to close applications where the applicants are no longer there , have abandoned the applications , left the country and so on. That would surely reduce some of the stuff from the queue.

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  • vg1778
    10-03 07:13 PM
    I made a service req on sept 6 and they opened it on Sept 30 and assigned it to an officer. They enquired took detailsof my fedex , etc. and now they sent a letter. Just summary "wait wait wait still we need to key in " huh i think many of us will have same fate even after doing all this but i am not giving it up lets do something rather than nothing.

    What is a service request and how you did it?


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  • imh1b
    11-18 03:12 PM
    Google poised to become your phone company - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/11/13/google.phone.service/)

    Google poised to become your phone company

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  • nc14
    07-11 07:28 AM
    Great job guys. GO IV GO.. and salute to the Mahatama



    .................................................. ..........................


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 02:35 PM
    The question is how would you identify which jobs are genuine and which are not. In addition, the question the porting comes at I-485 stage.
    So in other words there could very well be job out there and you won't know till its I-140 is approved if it is for porting reasons.
    Also, a good/established company may most likely will not file a new labor and I-140 for a person because it an unncessary expenditure for them.
    So guess who are the people who are most benefitted by this...

    Ok. I am finally beginning to see your point. If the objective of your exercise is to eliminate alleged non-genuine EB2 jobs, that really don't exist, but are simply advertised just for the sake of porting by unscrupulous companies who stand to gain money by this, then you certainly are making a valid point.

    But I still do not understand how a lawsuit will help? Was the labor-sub elimination the result of a lawsuit? Also, I would be concerned about lots of other valid/genuine companies who really have jobs for BS + 5 years experience ...?

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  • wantgc23
    09-23 08:28 PM
    Something is screwed up.....

    Mexico has over 2000 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is May 1st 2001
    India has less 500 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is Apr 15 2001
    This along with CIS giving "bad/incorrect" data to IV is indication of someone's malicious intentions.


    Indeed very interesting ...


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  • bkn96
    11-14 08:18 PM
    I am new to forum. How to contact PD_reacpturing?

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  • mhathi
    09-09 12:00 PM
    Add Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.)202- 225-3072 in NOT TO CALL LIST

    Thanks, I edited my OP


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  • sanjay
    01-14 03:46 PM
    Just sent my letter to WH and also IV. Also, my three friends had sent this letter to both WH and IV.

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  • funny
    08-07 05:11 PM
    since a lot of people are debating on this issue and a lot are researching on it ( i know atleast 2 people are actively researching on this topic :D). Does any one know how can i find the status of my PD porting. My lawyer sent the request in June after 3-4 days a say LUD on my 485/140/EAD/AP. I filed my 485 on July 2nd 2007 with a ND of August 17 2007. My EB3 PD is oct 2003 and my EB2 PD is July 2006. Do you guys think the LUD was because USCIS has Ported/interfiled my PD, Is there a chance for the Green in next 2 months?

    I think the people who are trying to file the Lawsuit must be the most knowledegable people about this issue, Can you guys provide some +ve response for a change.:D


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  • justin150377
    07-09 06:43 PM
    Call the place where you've ordered flowers and ask for a refund if flowers are delivered elsewhere. It should be up to USCIS to recieve and then ship those flowers to the hospitals.

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  • easygoer
    08-26 07:43 AM
    I recently purchased Vonage. Had to call vonage customer service for installation. They gave very good service and I could connect all my phone and then called India too! Voice was excellent ( I have verizon DSL line).


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  • punjabi77
    11-25 10:35 AM
    You are funny....you should take the moral high ground only when you are on the right side...you gave morally/ethically repugnant suggestions and have "decided not to reply to any of the comments here"...very funny.

    I do not condone the pathetic language folks here use including from sledge_hammer. You can make your arguments with civility. No need to call people "fools", "idiots", "stupids" etc. Shows your own under-confidence and lashing out at the wrong things/people.


    this thread was started to get suggestions as to what are the options open in the market..
    if someone did give an option and you dont like it, why dont u give an alternative option rather than venting out uour anger.
    No one is asking you how u feel or what is ethical and non-ethical..It seems that you are such an ethical guy who has not used a product and went ahead and returned it back to the store..If foreclosing is illegal let me know.. People here are giving pros and cons of doing a foreclosure.. i dont know if you own a house or not, and if you do.. dont know if you are having a perm job or a contract..I know so many people who own house and now they are in a fix because of housing market..I am not like other people who have already foreclosed..and btw.. why to blame the people and not the banks.. if i can own a house and pay mortgage which is quite same as a rent, i will better own a house and sell it after couple of years.. what is harm in that.. i may have mentioned about making profit by owning a house.. but i am not looking at becoming rich by living in a house for 2/3 years..Sledge_hammer and you are complaining all the way in the thread about people who are foreclosing or foreclosed.. but not spent your valuable time in letting people, reading the thread, know what are pros and cons of foreclosure and how it can affect 485..

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  • test101
    10-05 02:22 PM

    I just spoke to a very nice IO. I asked about my name check , she said that it's pendig and FBI name check is 9 months behind the scheduale. That all the information she gave me.

    does everybody go through FBI check name or only a percentage?

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  • amitga
    07-18 08:22 PM
    Lou Dobs is going to talk about immigration legislation burried in defence spending bill (which is under debate now) now. He just mentioned that there are pieces of 'Amnesty' legislation in the bill and he is gonna talk about it.

    If anyone has DVR please record it and we can disect it and post it on you tubes.

    I also heard the same thing. It is not clear if whole immigration bill has been attached to defence bill or only illegal immigrant part of it.

    01-12 05:46 PM
    Please add personal details to your letter which will make it unique. I put info of my educational background, work, and a bit about how long i have been waiting and how it affects me.

    Your friends need to be informed! Please email them.

    06-20 10:05 PM
    I have an employment-based petition and I'm presently unemployed. From what I understand, the sponsoring employer can hire me when I get my green card. So, when I get my EAD, which is most probably in 3 months, can I use it to work for whomever I wish?

    If an employer files for your green card and you do not work for the employer, it is considered a visa fraud. Also, you have to wait for 180 days after applying for I-485 to be eligible to work for an employer other than the one who filed your labor.

    Since you are in the country illegally, it would probably be faster for you to get permanent residency if the new immigration bill passes.