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  • Edison99
    09-24 11:40 AM
    Thanks BharatPremi for your great analysis and honored to give one green today! :)

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  • rockstart
    06-15 01:14 PM
    I have a question if some one has been out of status during F1 period will it affect the 485 how can one mitigate it.

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  • gccovet
    09-10 10:41 AM

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  • H1B-GC
    08-14 11:57 PM
    Got my approval today. Neither very happy nor sad.



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  • gc_peshwa
    03-30 10:58 AM
    That sounds about right and realistic. On the other hand I think the movement will be more. I mean if DOS just moves the dates by 4 months after making such a big announcement ...WTH??
    And I thought DOS is gonna move the dates by ONE year into June 2007...ha ha ha...

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  • kalyan
    01-06 09:28 AM
    I think we should write letter and incorporate such things in our DC campaign.

    I am tentattive to the DC campaign. But we should come out with a document or website and have our guys officially sign it and send it to all the parties involved in making such decision.


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  • singhsa3
    08-06 08:35 PM
    Does not look like many takers but so far 50-50..

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  • apnair2002
    01-19 06:14 PM
    James Rogers was on the Bill O'Rielly show. They oppose HR 4437




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  • ghost
    04-06 08:31 AM
    always amazes me how so many folks depend upon these immigration attorney websites and get disappointed...we are better off supporting IV advocacy and get first hand information on what is going on in DC, USCIS and DOS.

    This is not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time these AILA folks generate sensational news! Help IV to help you!

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 05:57 PM
    Bump ^^^^


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  • Nil
    04-09 09:41 PM
    Check this out. What do we have to do to include EB categories?


    Nice to see this gain momentum.
    Thanks IV core for your initiatives
    One of the major network today showed someone (representing the regular US citizen) getting doused with gasoline and the host holding a match: a view of the government's intent to legalize illegals, burning the job-less citizen.

    We must respect such feelings - in my country of origin a lot of us never approved of illegal immigration en mass from neighboring countries.

    Question is: we the people - who have LEGALLY established roots the way America wanted: Can we brought out from the sun into some sort of shade?

    How can we ask this through IV, with factual quantification of our woes, in a way that All Americans can empathize with?

    Facebook is a Great start - we need to take it to the next step.

    Also, is it possible to buy (through contribution) an ad segment on a Washington Newspaper? TV and internet maybe more expensive.
    Drastic indeed - needs money, but swift and possibly more effective.

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  • FrankZulu
    08-18 09:23 AM
    Yes, you are. The decision status happens when your wlecome notice gets mailed out. You will get that either today and within next couple of days. Mine also got changed like that, but only after 6 days.

    Interesting part is even after I got my GREEN CARD to my hand, it is still saying the status as DECISION.

    On Aug 17th the message changed to "On Aug 16th Card Production Ordered...."
    when should I expect the card in mail?


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  • pani_6
    08-21 03:48 PM
    I believe they already answered the question: they claimed the previous allocation scheme was wrong and the current is correct. There is nothing more you can possibly get by questioning on this issue. Even if there is anything behind the curtain, that explanation covers everything perfectly and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I saw that Ron told one "so depressed" in his Forum..that we can launch a law suit..against this new interpretation..however..I dont know its worth the time and effort..although uscis learns only by law suits..

    Lets see next months Visa allocation for the new year and see where it starts from..I am hoping from Mid of 03..lets see..besides..only quick solution so far is the Visa capture ..dont know where it stands...

    we got 20 more days to influence people about EB-3 numbers..what is the most effective thing to do collectively before he new Visa bull comes out..

    Any idea Pappu..??.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-25 04:27 PM
    Hmm interesting.

    So if I buy a gas guzzling SUV/Truck and the price of it goes down to 1/4 because of soaring oil prices, I guess dealer should pay me back the 3/4 because it is not my fault. Right ?
    And if I bought used Hybrid which is now selling like hot cakes and I make a profit I must redeem it to the car dealer. Because I made money I didn't anticipate. Also, my 401K losses should be returned back because it isn't my fault the stocks are loosing value. The price of gas I paid this summer was twice what I am paying now, so I must get back the money I spent this summer, because it is not my fault that there has been fluctuations in the oil prices.

    Well, if only it were that simple. That's not how the system works, although you would want to be that. When you sign the dotted line you are in the binding contract and from then on profits, losses and fire sale is all yours.
    You have to live up to what you have signed or next time around you signature will not be honored.

    Dude, then why are we blaming people like punjabi.........it is not his fault that the supply was abundant and demand receded..........I would still blame the banking system for the housing failure.......they landed out money which they knew would stop coming back at one point in time........and again, it's not that he cannot afford his monthly payments...........he just cannot sell his asset - to me that is a problem on the part of the lender and not the borrower. No wonder banks are re-adjusting the home loan amounts (to a much lower value than originally specified in the agreement) for people who cannot pay the normal mortgage (due to whatever reasons). Go and teach the same lesson to these greedy banks and lending institutions.

    Again, I am not saying that foreclsosing (escapism) is a good route to take, as there are other ways to keep the paying the mortgage without hurting your mobility but at the same time it is not prudent to blame it entirely on the borrower - lending institutions are responsible for major part of this mess.


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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 10:10 AM
    I read the news too at The Oh Law Firm (http://www.immigration-law.com/)

    Hope this hold and comes true. All the best to my brothers and me.

    The Department of State announced that the Indian EB2 category is expected to advance one week in the May Visa Bulletin. The demand for EB1visa numbers has decreased by 50 percent this fiscal year. Last year from October 2009 to February 2010, 22,000 EB1 numbers were used. During the same period this year, only 10,000 to 11,000 have been used. EB1 will be current worldwide all fiscal year. This will free up an estimated 12,000 visa numbers to fall down from EB1 to EB2 this year

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  • nish
    07-07 09:22 AM

    Any update on this?


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  • kumhyd2
    07-12 09:17 AM
    How would it be to forward the media coverage links to all the attorneys so that they are aware of what is happening and also provide some kind of support or atleast get associated with IV. Also some members may take the initiative of posting these links to thier blogs so that every one will get to know about the IV through others blogs.

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 10:55 PM
    Thats exactly what it is... Now folks take a look here. These were the dates before July 2007.
    It will be resonable to assume that these will be the dates in OCT bulletien for Eb3-I.
    Finally, 5882 is our only hope for now.

    With the earlier method or the current method, EB3-I will always end up last. Vertically EB3-ROW gets the excess visas (old method), horizontally EB2-I gets the excess visas (new method). So, either way EB3-I won't benefit, the only solace being that with the current system atleast our EB2-I friends are getting their freedom faster.

    For us, visa recapture or other legislative changes are the only relief.

    BTW, my PD is June 2003, EB3-I

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 08:58 PM
    Just google Gandhigiri + USCIS and see the result - lot of blog sites have picked this up

    06-27 04:10 PM
    Regarding line 3c in I-485 form, if someone is a member of non-profit organization, do we need to mention that ?


    Can someone answer this ?


    08-24 06:31 PM
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