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  • solaris27
    10-09 07:53 PM
    you can directly go to USCIS website and take printout of your approved I-140.

    It will not have all informaion but more then enough to change job .

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  • trump_gc
    11-07 02:50 PM
    How do we know what the status of Name check is, or even if your case is submitted for NC?

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  • abhijitp
    07-08 10:52 AM

    I loved it. If I am right, this is posted by an IV core team member.

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  • qplearn
    12-20 05:23 PM
    nice post, and I have been thinking of the same; in fact, I have expressed this thought before. Only the very naive will not understand this or think that USCIS is using the numbers in the right way.


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  • uma78
    02-10 06:21 PM

    I got this email from USCIS for me and my wife application, what does it mean? Thank you in advance:


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: WACXXXXXXXX


    Current Status: This case is now pending at the office to which it was transferred.

    The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now pending standard processing at a USCIS office. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done, counting from when USCIS received it. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. To receive e-mail updates, follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    *Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov under Case Status and Processing Dates.
    *** Please do not respond to this e-mail message.


    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

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  • delhirocks
    07-14 10:08 PM
    IN RESPONSE to AKRED: My dads priority date is july 2005, so how does that give me amnesty...he applied under PERM!!! Btw if you do not support DREAM ACT than you shouldn't be on this forum...

    asindu...sorry to hear that man...can you post the link of this act or an analysis of it. I bet a lot of people will support it if they see a credible evidence that it will help the legal immigrant community. There seems to be a widespread belief that this focuses on the illegal community.

    There is a lot of bad rap that we the legal immigrants have to face because of the rampant illegal immigrant problem, most of the folks here gets peeved off if an act has a bias towards that.


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  • ssnd03
    02-22 03:23 PM
    Well USCIS withdrew the Q&A they posted on their website for revision.

    I hope they don't plan to screw the remaining name-check sufferers again.

    They have been approving some of them in the past few days (and neither according to PD or RD, basically no FIFO, just based on officers whims)

    See the withdrawal notice on AILA website
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • wahwah
    06-05 11:33 AM
    since the new supplemental memo has been issued, the rule making agenda may be pushed off. but i think the new memo will be effective immediately.

    See this..from immigration-law.com

    However, the release of this new supplemental AC-21 probably implies that the rule-making agenda may be pushed off and may not be enacted this year. Please stay tuned.


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  • amit_p27
    06-20 07:36 AM
    Today is the next day of my GC freedom, and I am still on this forum, I didnot mean to leave the Forum, I still support IV with all my heart.......

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  • nogreen4decade
    07-16 07:20 PM
    1. Doesn't matter who it is citizen or not - you have to show legal status. If you read the law carefully, you will be put in a holding prision and given a change to prove legal status (contact family tobring your passport), etc. This is not a traffic stop - a decision will not be made on the stop. That's why there are strict rules stating who can be asked.

    2. By law you have to carry identification. Does this mean as a citizen or non-immigrant visa holder, you have to roam with all your docs? No! This is why we fought so hard to make sure US-states give driver's licenses?ID cards to people here legally ONLY. So, you just carry your DL.

    3. Item 1 above applies here.

    Do you think the people who wrote this Bill did not think of all this? You have to be pretty naive to think that only you thought of these senarios. There is no racist movement behind it.
    You apparently dont know ammendments.... Read 4th ammendment... No reason to waste my time replying you


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  • GCapplicant
    07-10 08:11 AM
    We should side line these type of guys-Never encourage them ...
    Now even people who dont know what is H1 will become aware of it.Dont they know these type of words might bring racist feelings to a common person here soon,if they continue like this .
    But each and everyone forget their past that they where also once upon a time an immigrant like us.

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  • uma78
    02-10 06:35 PM
    mails at around 5.45PM today. I don't think it means much. Just soft LUD, I think.

    Thank you gcformeornot.


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  • aadimanav
    05-15 05:50 PM
    Diid yu get an Answer for this my company might be applying in eb3 may be though i have masters degree in comp scince in USA , will this be of any help to folks like us.

    How about this scenario:
    EB3 applicant starts the Masters (in STEM) from US University after the labor is filed and completes while 485 is in pending status.

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  • BharatPremi
    03-25 10:23 AM
    I am exploring the possibility of making the Inter-filing. I have been speaking to some well known, street-smart attornies. One mentioned that the "Priority Date" is decided only upon approval of I-140. He also wrote that for keeping the earlier priority date, the 2nd I-140 application (new) should be filed along with copy of the approval of the first I-140.

    In your case, it appears that you did not send the approval copy of the first I-140 along with 2nd I-140 application.

    Probably, you can send the approval of EB-2 I-140 with earlier PD, along with I-485 receipt copy to the Service Center and ask them to allot the earlier PD. Please take the assistance of attorney for doing this.

    Thanks. Yes, that I certainly will have to do that. Any other areas need to be taken care of such as proof of financial audit reports for EB2 filer ? Or any other things...?


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  • Suva
    05-11 01:56 PM
    I have the same question. Recapture bill can be added as an amendment. Is any of IV's provisions there in the bill?

    Any idea if any of IV provisions (like recapture) being included in the bill?

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  • addsf345
    07-13 01:40 PM
    "Long Journey. Finally GC
    by J2GC
    Hi Guys,
    After a long journey of more than Sixteen years in this country, I finally received my GC.
    In short, I came in 1993 on J-1 for my training which took six years, followed by one year on O-1 visa and then J-1 waiver for three and half years in underserved area. Then applied for labor certification in Oct, 2003 EB2, through university, which was approved and then retrogressed. Applied Schedule IIA, approved but also got retrogressed. Got AILA liaison and Senetor involved.
    Applied for EB1 and NIW in July 2008.
    My lawyer was very much involved in the whole process, was very helpful at every step, and wrote letters to USCIS.
    Finally, GC came in April, 2009 and received the cards one week later. My PD Oct 2003.
    During these time, I actually had no problmes at my job or my my wife's job. Brought a house four years ago.
    The main problems were:
    Daughter and son could not apply to state colleges/ medical colleges. (daughter going to med school next month)
    Got stuck in India for renew of H-1 for 2 months!!! (worst time of my life, with my wife and kids in US) I tied every thing from writing letters to calling Ambasador. Not effective.
    Could not go to certain occasions, like death of very close family members, weddings etc.
    However, I kept my cool and prayed and got lot of support from Immigration voice.
    As a small token of appreciation, I am donating $500 .(and will keep on supporting)
    We all are going to get GC, some sooner some later. Just keep on doing you job.
    Thanks you all for all the information and support.
    J2GC (J-1 visa to GC)"

    Congrates, and thank you so much for supporting and appreciating IV. Your journey is inspirational to rest of us. God bless all.


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  • gk_2000
    11-02 10:47 PM
    Well, at least the bill has been introduced in senate. And if it fails then perhaps peacemeal will happen

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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 12:52 PM
    The company filed for her H1B COS which was approved with new I-94. Lot of people with consulting firms especially spouses would be in similar situation and while following the forums, I haven't heard many denials with this reason i.e., joining the employer a little later for H1B approval.

    So what are the chances of getting a RFE or denial? Since we already filed for 485, I am not sure if there is anything we can do.

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  • jain4444
    11-09 10:52 PM
    Mine was concurrent filing on 7/17/2007. Still not received fingerprint notice. I have opened SR both for me and my spouse

    06-26 04:10 PM
    I am getting confused here about digital photo and USCIS not accepting them. I am assuming that "digital photo" just means pictures taken from a digital camera and printed out, which is what most of the studios do anyways, so why would USCIS have any problem with it. Is there a difference in pictures taken from a digital camera vs poloroid camera? If anything, digital camera most likey will have far better picture quality than poloroid camera so what's the deal with "digital photo" being unacceptable. Or do you guys mean a photo on a floppy of something when you say digital photo.
    Check the photo guidelines from USCIS website here is blurb
    "For U.S. passport and visa photographs, a digital camera with a resolution of 1 mega-pixel will be more than adequate for capturing the image and producing the final photo that conforms to the dimensions specified on this web site.
    and the link is
    digital photos are OK if printed prpoerly.

    05-30 06:30 AM
    I also voted No to HR 1868

    Guys go to this website and sign up and vote yes for this bill.