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  • satishku_2000
    07-09 11:52 PM
    There is nothing wrong in fighting. At least it will be used to prevent the same mistake in future. But it is not a bad idea to analyse the outcome so that everyone can prepare for that. My view is this campaign will be used for preventing future mistakes. I will be pleasantly surprised if we get more benefit than that. Even lawsuit also will serve the purpose and will give strong warning to USCIS.
    I can tell many examples. Due to one persons misjudgment so many American and Iraq people were killed. Do you think they can get relief? Whatever relief people got it cannot bring back peoples lives. But still lot of people are thinking that Iraq could have been handled differently and many people are fighting against War. Most people realize mistakes after someone is impacted.

    You seem to be pretty good at analyzing faults in others' ideas and thoughts . What are your suggestions to acheive releif from retrogression.

    You can suggest too ...

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  • grupak
    03-25 03:33 PM
    Those that have been effected by this EAD discrimination, file a complaint with the govt. Otherwise why are we here in IV asking for multi-year EAD?

    So what if EAD has to be renewed. GC also has a expiry date now. Next we will be asked to provide medical history to make sure we do not fall sick at work. EAD renewal is an inconvenience that the employer need NOT worry about.

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  • alterego
    06-29 05:52 PM
    I have a few theories on this. This is meant just to open discussion.

    1) The USCIS and State department are not communicating at all. This is not at all uncommon within gov't agencies as we all know.
    The State Dep't released the bulletin perhaps without realising the full ramifications. Having heard from the USCIS..........hey hey hey what the F&^% are you doing? They may have realised over the last few weeks what a mess they have on their hands. Now they are trying to undo it.

    2) Another possibility I can think of, is that this is a grand plan(heck I almost said grand bargain) concocted by the USCIS to get 485s OUT of the system as much as possible while minimising those that can get IN. Hence you might see in the coming few weeks thousands of approval letters all dated the 2nd of July. That will allow them to clear their backlogs of pre-approved, approvable cases and clean the slate fresh for the new fees structure/new quota in the new year. Some of you might remember they retrogressed to unavailable around this time 2 yrs ago. They do these weird things in the 4th quarter.

    3) Of course the last option is their brains have the same IQ as that of any common critter that messes up your garden.

    Pick your poison, it is all the same. I feel for everyone whose hopes were raised so high. It is truly inhumane of them. If they planned this, they should atleast have delayed the release of the July VB.

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  • nk2006
    09-09 11:46 AM
    Started calling. Took the numbers from another thread (pasted below). Please confirm if calling these congressmen/women is enough or if we need to call any others. Thanks.

    Call Compaign For HR 5882.

    Number USA is calling congress Rep not to pass HR 5882. Please lets start calling from our side. OR it will create -ve impact and bill will not forward.

    Here is list to call . Once you call please update thread.

    House Judiciary Committee Members

    Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) 202- 225-2906
    Howard L. Berman (D-Calif.) 202-225-4695
    Rick Boucher (D-Va.) 202-225-3861
    Chris Cannon (R-Utah)202- 225-7751
    Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) 202-225-2216
    Howard Coble (R-N.C.) 202-225-3065
    Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)202- 225-3265
    John Conyers (D-Mich.), Chairman 202-225-5126
    Artur Davis (D-Ala.) 202-225-2665 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    William D. Delahunt (D-Mass.)202- 225-3111
    Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) 202-225-4755
    Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) 202-225-2706
    J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.)202- 225-6365
    Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)202- 225-4576
    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) 202-225-3035
    Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)202- 225-5431
    Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)202- 225-8203
    Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)202- 225-3906
    Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas)202- 225-3816 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) 202-225-1605
    Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) 202-225-2676
    Ric Keller (R-Fla.)202- 225-2176
    Steve King (R-Iowa)202- 225-4426
    Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.)202- 225-3072 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) 202-225-5635 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Mike Pence (R-Ind.) 202-225-3021
    Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) 202-225-6676 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176
    Robert C. Scott (D-Va.) (202) 225-8351
    Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) 202-225-5101 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Lamar S. Smith (R-Texas), Ranking Member 202- 225-4236
    Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) 202-225-3401
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) 202-225-7931
    Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) 202-225-2201
    Melvin L. Watt (D-N.C.)202- 225-1510 (ALREADY COSPONSOR DO NOT CALL)
    Anthony D. Weiner (D-N.Y.) 202-225-6616
    Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) 202-225-3001


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  • fcres
    07-31 03:44 PM
    1. If a Receipt Number is issued for a I-485, does it necessarily mean that the case won't outright be rejected for a missing document/ evidence, but instead an RFE will be issued?
    2. When a receipt number is issued for a I-485, and if we send out the missing document/initial evidence using the allocated A#, is there a good likelihood that the evidence/document will make it to the appropriate file?

    Answers to these will help make a decision on filing multiple I-485's where the first I-485 missed some initial evidence.

    One more thing: I was about to make another private consultation call today. I pledge contributing $200 if I find a concrete answer to this issue without having to consult one more lawyer.

    My laywer ( a known one, but not the regulars here) also didn't include EVL. When i asked him about it, he said whether we include it now or not, they will issue an RFE at the time of adjudication. I was content with that, but after reading about it more here, i pressed him again about the issue and the new memo. He said he does not foresee a denial because of this, but if i'm worried we will send the EVL along with a cover letter and the RN. But filing another 485 is not advisable. I'm working on the EVL, and once he is less busy after Aug 17th i will ask him to send it. And i hope it will make it to the right file if we include the RN and A#, just like replying to an RFE.

    btw, to answer #1, i did get RN so i would think the case may not be outright rejected for missing evidence. I did FP and my LUD was changed for 485 and 131. I filed 765 later and that also has an LUD after FP.

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  • gcdreamer05
    08-18 09:48 AM
    Hi AndyCool,

    How did you open Infopass on aug 5th, because once SR is created they say wait for 45 days before opening infopass, as in the page where we open infopass it asks for SR#?

    Can you please share what option you selected in the web page when you tried to open a Infopass appointment.


    Same here

    SR: on Aug 02 ...Got a Reply wait for 60 Days case under review
    Info pass on Aug 05 : Got Reply case with officer wait 30 Days

    Just waiting ..GOD ....Give me Green :rolleyes:


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  • keshtwo
    07-13 01:51 PM

    This guy has moved from an anti H1 visa platform to an anti-India platform. This is bordering on racism. And no one saying anything. Wonder what all this is leading to.

    People must remember that all of them are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

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  • Khujaokutta
    03-10 07:08 PM
    Sure....lets MARCH....(did not mean the current month)......I am also willing to sign....aage badooo.......:D....dum lagake....haiyaaaa....


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  • conchshell
    07-09 07:59 PM
    I was amazed to hear about the development. Would Mr. Gonzalez will show a curtsey to personally reply to all the people who sent flowers, and apolozise for the pain and emotional trauma his agency has caused to thousands of legal immigrants in this country ?

    BTW, couple of years ago one of my American (citizen) friend was dealing with USCIS (at that time INS) to adopt a baby from China. When she got the baby after struggling for 4-5 years and with a push from local congressman, she was agahst with the way USCIS treated her. I still remember her remarks "If they do not understand the pain and suffering of a mother, and they do not care for a suffering orphan child, I highly doubt that they have any more humanity left in them".

    The name has changed but the public face of the agency remains the same. Please remember that for them we are not human's, we are just file numbers sitting and rotting at their service center's.

    So when USCIS decided to forward the flowers to our soilders (which we think is an excellent idea), its not because the agency has a human touch in it, but its because they found an excellent face saving mask for their unjust action.

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  • anilkumar0902
    08-17 01:34 PM
    So you still think that 2 weeks logic still works :)...

    Your prediction for urself and gbof went on fine :)..

    I have no clue where my file is..

    Wait continues for me

    Did you receive any email response from the Service center processing your case, after you raised an SR ?

    If in that response..they mentioned that an officer is reviewing your case..then you should be safe..


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-31 07:04 AM
    If its an April fool Joke we should know on Apr 1st
    Otherwise we will know in 2nd week.

    Dont think so.

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  • qasleuth
    11-24 11:44 PM
    I have decided not to reply to any of the comments here and I will stick to that decision. However, I have received quite a few red dots with following comments....that shows how mature people are in this forum. Thank you.

    11-24-2008 09:56 AM ass**ole
    11-24-2008 09:51 AM bad advice
    11-23-2008 03:32 AM foreclose and then buy a new car and get some credit cards? THIS is the fuckin reason we are all ina mess now.
    11-23-2008 01:54 AM not good

    You are funny....you should take the moral high ground only when you are on the right side...you gave morally/ethically repugnant suggestions and have "decided not to reply to any of the comments here"...very funny.

    I do not condone the pathetic language folks here use including from sledge_hammer. You can make your arguments with civility. No need to call people "fools", "idiots", "stupids" etc. Shows your own under-confidence and lashing out at the wrong things/people.


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  • appas123
    08-13 08:05 AM
    No you can number the names. Put 1 - and write the details with 1 labeled near everything. Same with 2. I leave it to you. If you want to fill two forms to avoid confusion, please do so.
    And yes. you need to do the exact same thing.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-15 01:27 PM
    IV members, Please go to chnage.gov and vote for my idea. No one has gone and voted up for this yet. Wakeup please. Go and vote for a good cause.

    I thinks its a better idea to post URL for your idea.


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  • Green.Tech
    09-20 01:49 PM
    I received a similar response to the 2nd SR. I was told that my case was under additional review and to allow them 60 days. However, my wife's case had been assigned to an officer for review.

    Did you send an email to TSC.Ncscfollowup@dhs.gov (for TSC - another email for NSC). I had no clue where my application was when even 2006 cases were getting approved. I am seeing some movement after emailing them.

    Did you get a response after you sent the e-mail? What movement do you see on your case?

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  • pitha
    10-05 04:15 PM
    Seems like there might be an internal memo or understanding between USCIS and DOS not to approve many Eb2 India 485 even though there dates are current, this is the only explanation I can come up for the lack for eb2 india approvals in October. Even with the limited number of visas every quarter I was hoping there would be lot of approvals because of Visa spillover occuring every quarter instead of once every year, but looking at the USCIS performance in the first week of october it seems like there wont be any quarterly spillover at all.


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  • logiclife
    06-15 05:08 PM
    Should everyone submit a police clearance record?

    I dont think you need police clearance for US immigration. do you? I think that's canadian immigration where you need police clearance.

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  • yabadaba
    01-08 09:16 AM
    For those wanting to personalize it a little bit.

    The Honorable George W. Bush
    President of the United States
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Mr. President:

    I write today to urge you to fix America’s broken legal employment-based immigration system. Currently, more than 500,000 skilled individuals who contribute to the American economy through their hard work in high technology, scientific research, medicine and other fields find themselves trapped in a process that is hopelessly backlogged. If nothing is done, hundreds of thousands of immigrants will wait years or even decades in a process that was never intended to take so long. While comprehensive change will require legislative action, your administration can implement administrative remedies to improve America’s competitiveness, eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies, and improve our quality of life.

    <insert personal blurb here>

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds from around the world is in America’s best interest. In February 2006, your Domestic Policy Council issued a report on the American Competitiveness Initiative that recognized the importance of employment-based immigration. The report stated:

    “The President also recognizes that enabling the world's most talented and hardest-working individuals to put their skills to work for America will increase our entrepreneurship and our international competitiveness, and will net many high-paying jobs for all Americans. The United States benefits from our ability to attract and retain needed immigrant and non-immigrant students and workers, and it is important that America remains competitive in attracting talented foreign nationals.”

    You can advance your stated objective by making common-sense administrative reforms to fix a system that is clearly broken.

    Implementing much-needed reforms will also free government resources to focus on pressing national security matters. For example, current rules require the Department of Homeland Security to renew the Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants each year as those immigrants wait for green cards and permanent residency in the U.S. Rather than renew these EADs annually, the government could renew these documents every three years, freeing countless hours that could be better spent serving the Department’s mission.

    The greatest impact of the broken green card process is borne by the legal immigrants and their families. The more than half million highly-skilled legal immigrants already working productively in the United States find themselves trapped in a system that is taking years longer than intended. During this wait for a green card, these immigrants remain trapped in a legal maze, unable to change jobs – even within the same employer – without starting the arduous immigration process over again, and subject to waits that grow longer and longer.

    We implore you to exercise your authority to implement administratively these much-needed reforms.

    • Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.

    • Revise the administrative definition of “same or similar” to allow slight additional job flexibility for legal immigrants awaiting adjudication of adjustment of status (I-485) petitions.

    • Allow filing of Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) when a visa number is not available.

    • Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.

    • Allow visa revalidation in the United States.

    • Reinstate premium processing of Immigrant Petitions.

    I urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay. Action is urgently needed to fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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  • grupak
    08-21 12:40 PM
    I am saying Recapture will only help EB2 and not EB3. Bcoz all the recaptured numbers will be used by EB2 first. So EB2 dates will move forward and then people with PD in 2007 and 2008 in EB2 will use up captured numbers and EB3 will still be waiting to get any leftovers.

    I am not saying you are wrong but we need numbers to say one way or another. Like I said, the pending EB2-I using the most generous distribution is half of the recapture numbers. There is fresh inflow from new H1B and such but it seems unreal to me that EB2 will not become current with the recapture.

    I also agree that it would be better if the recapture numbers are divided, equally or in some manner, among the categories.

    Right now, it seems that even if USCIS gives EB1+EB2 ROW numbers to EB3 ROW, the unused EB3 ROW numbers would go back to EB1-C/I--> EB2 -C/I --> EB3 C/I.

    Again, I am not here to suggest you shouldn't take the initiative in doing what you think is best for you.

    09-09 02:35 PM
    I am from Ga.. So i called Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) 202-225-1605..

    I will try to call some more people..

    06-19 09:36 AM
    What should be the answer to this question on I-485 part 2- out of following 2 options for my dependents ? to me it seems #b is the right answer for my family members 485 and #a for me. BUt some how teh legal guys are changing this from #b to #a for my dependents!!

    a. an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been
    approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or
    special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an
    immediately available visa number, if approved.)

    b.an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been
    approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or
    special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an
    immediately available visa number, if approved.)

    In your post both #a and #b are the same text. anyways. any updates on this one? I also have the same question