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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-29 04:11 PM
    This is purely cruel and torturous. I only hope this remains a rumor at best and that this is the brainchild of someone in the State Department with a twisted sense of humor.


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  • veeru123
    02-22 03:42 PM
    Called the DOS. Told them I need to travel to my home country and asked them if they can verify if my information is in PIMS. She asked if the H1-B is an extension case which it is. She said the extension cases are taking a bit longer than the new ones. That is quite surprising. Finally she looked in the database or whatever and said they do not have my extension information yet. All they have is the information from the expired petition. No timelines just asked me to call back in a week.:rolleyes:

    I need to know if anyone had any luck if their lawyers pursued this matter with the DOS.

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  • willwin
    08-08 09:27 AM
    I have the same question as I think, it is not possible. How can you re-apply for the same job you are in currently, in EB2?

    If the job required a EB2 or EB3 but EB3 was filed earlier. Is that possible?

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  • mirage
    08-21 08:18 AM
    We should write a letter to USCIS director & DOS(Oppenheim) copying Rep Lofgren etc. basically the content should say that any unused visa should be given to the oldest PD irrespective of Country/Category...


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  • addsf345
    08-20 06:21 PM
    FYI...I heard from some of my friends that Vonage is good as long as you are its customer. Once you call CS and tell them you are leaving...they play all sorts of dirty tricks.

    I have similar experience. I moved to sunrocket (which is now teleblend) from vonage. I pay half of what I used to pay vonage for same services/usage.

    currently teleblend offers $50 unlimited india calling + ofcourse US+canada unlimited. However as now vonage has come up with $25 world plan, I am sure teleblend would come up with something similar soon... may be $20 world plan or so. As they always price it below vonage. Let's hope! competition is good for consumer.

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  • gcdeal
    06-22 08:55 PM
    What did you put in for the question 16 (Last Question) ? is it c9?


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  • apriti
    06-25 04:47 PM
    Yeah, I agree, but there is no other alternative.
    Both cases are genuine, not involving any labor substitution, so we can only hope that they are not rejected.

    We cannot file both together, becoz if one is entered in the system before the other, the second will get automatically rejected.

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  • TeddyKoochu
    04-01 04:46 PM
    This is a very simple calculation. Following are the numbers before Oct -2006. These total to ~ 12K.

    EB2-C - 3521
    EB2-I - 9345

    The dates will move further if more than 12K numbers are infused into the system. I would say that the dates should be in Oct - Nov 2006 range with these 12K numbers, having Nov as buffer as they may issue RFE's to folks.


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  • bkarnik
    08-07 09:43 AM
    LC substitution was wrong because it became a business thing for some unscruplous employers who started to sell LCs and get people to work like slaves. That being said I have no ill feelings towards people who used the opportunity to get their GCs faster, albeit by puttting in more of their money and/or working like slaves for a better life in the future (hopefully). EB3 to EB2 portability is someone trying to better his/her life after suffering in the queue forever and I have no issues with such people.

    I, therefore, cannot support this case. BTW, I am an EB2-I with Sep. 2006 PD.

    My first and only post on this issue.


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  • pd_recapturing
    11-21 10:59 AM
    IV core team is on top of it. I will update as soon as I hear something from them.


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  • nc14
    07-11 07:28 AM
    Great job guys. GO IV GO.. and salute to the Mahatama



    .................................................. ..........................

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  • kams
    07-18 05:20 PM
    Lou Dobs is going to talk about immigration legislation burried in defence spending bill (which is under debate now) now. He just mentioned that there are pieces of 'Amnesty' legislation in the bill and he is gonna talk about it.

    If anyone has DVR please record it and we can disect it and post it on you tubes.


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  • bigboy007
    09-25 01:38 AM
    Also me too in the list ..... Also its better to rise a serv request , specifically make it in the req ur Courier tracking details etc. Eventhough its imp now to get in touch with respective congress men its very much imp to make this so USCIS is supposed to answer that req in 30 days if not which will add to the case.


    sanjayb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 08/05
    Ashres11 - 2nd July/ 10:28/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN
    Sairam - 2nd July/10:28/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No RN - 07/28
    InsKrish - 2nd July/10.25/J.Barret/NSC/I-140 approved from TSC/No CC/RN
    sudhi - 2nd July/ 10:25/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN - CHECKS CASHED 09/13 -- Received Receipts
    Danu2007 - 2nd July/10:25AM/J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    Triviagal - 2nd July/ 10:25AM/ J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    rkartik78- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    GCFISH- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ 485 went to NE/NO RN NOCC
    rexjamla- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    kmkanth- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    BU007- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    veerufs - 2nd july/10:28am/J. BARRET/I140-TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    123456mg - 2nd july/10:25am at NSC/J BARRET/I140-Approved from TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    aussie731- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    nkavjs - 2nd July/ 10:25am/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ I-140 TSC lud on I-140 8-5-07/ NO CC/ NO RN
    jsb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/27
    gc_us - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/28
    srinitls - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/NO RN NO CC
    realraghu - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    vg1778 - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140/No CC/No RN

    R Mickels :

    giddu- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    mahendra_t - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    Satya- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    pareshtyagi- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    sapking - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140 pending-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    smshen- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSS/No CC/No RN
    gcgoodluck- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN/No data
    dudenj - 2nd july/9:03am/R.Mickels/I140-NSC/NO RN/NO CC/NO EAD
    trajendrababu - 2nd july/9:01/R. Mickels/NSC/No CC/No RN


    cadude- 2nd July/11.11am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    helpme1234-2nd July/11.14am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    cowboy-2nd July/12.34 pm/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC

    R.Williams :

    Jignesh - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM
    doshhar-2nd July/2:02PM/ R.Williams /I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC - I-140 LUD 08/05
    buckeye98 - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM


    Bayboy -2nd July/8.oam/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC
    nk2007-2nd July/8.26am/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC

    Other -

    zdong -- 2nd july No check encash/No RN
    HNaik-2nd July/10:04am/ Armstrong/I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC
    mashu -- 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC
    abhis0 -- 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC 140 LUD - 08/05
    i99 -- I140/485 concurrent/NSC/July@d/R.Williams/No CC/No RN
    vikramy-- 2nd July/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC
    sivanu -- 2nd july/I140 TSC/No RN - 140 LUD 7/28
    kcham -- 2nd July/8:45am/Pitcher/I140 TSC/No RN No CC

    Applications are returned:Incorrect filing fees :

    noendinsight- 2nd July/NSC/1-40 Approved NSC/NO RN NO CC

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  • sweet_jungle
    03-27 03:17 AM
    One more company that does not hire on EAD is Applied Biosystems

    There is a whole lot of good information about citizenship or immigration status discrimination at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc

    From their Employee Brochure:

    From their Employer Brochure:

    From OSC Update newsletter April 2004:


    If you are told by an employer (verbally or in writing) that they will consider only citizens or green card holders, call the OSC hotline. They may not give you the job based on some other criteria but they will not discriminate anybody else in the future.

    If you find any job posting or ad which states that they will hire only citizens or green card holders, or explicitly declines to hire somebody with EAD, post it here. If you don't wish to, maybe somebody else can make the call.

    In most cases it would be pure ignorance on the recruiter's part. A simple phone call from OSC will clear that.

    Of course the best course is to avoid bringing up EAD in the first place. But if it comes to that, you can reach out to OSC, even if you don't have anything in writing.


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  • darslee
    07-09 07:20 PM
    USCIS has decided that the flowers sent by skilled, legal immigrants to director Dr. Emilio Gonzalez will be forwarded to injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    We welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest. We are even more happy that these flowers will brighten the day of our injured service brethren. It is their contribution to the American freedom that has made this country such a desirable destination for highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

    We also want to convey to the service personnel receiving those flowers that our message accompanying those flowers is, "Thank You and God Bless You".


    Excellent! :)

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  • girijas
    09-09 12:58 PM
    There have been threads and posts about IOs indicating that everyone will become current. The fact of the matter is - there is no substance/proof/backing - even from the lawyers regarding the validity of those statements. For all you know, this might have been started by groups/people who want us to become complacent.
    So DO call.............else the bills stand a good chance of losing out.

    And even assuming the rumors are true with a 0.00001% probability.........you don't really lose anything much by calling. But if you don't call, we still stand a chance (with 99.9999% probability) of losing out.

    Honestly; this might be our last chance. If the next president is a Democrat, it is quite possible that illegals might get amnesty in huge numbers. Companies hiring H1s might get taxed at a higher rate. Irrespective of who comes to power, the next president could clamp down on legal immigration in the name of Change. Remember, the illegals (their legal relations) form a larger vote bank. Nothing else matters as far as politicians are concerned.


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  • gc_on_demand
    11-03 03:48 PM
    How much did you spend for getting this done ? And are you really happy with what this has resulted in to, now all those in computer information manager - lc will get in to trouble, more audits.

    Was this really needed?

    Which labor will DOL going to audit ? Pending , future or approved ?

    If approved and waiting to get approval for I 485 or filling I 485 then it will be big trouble.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-25 06:58 PM
    Originally Posted by whitecollarslave
    I urge you and anybody else who has gone through this to find out more about this by calling the OSC's hotline. (http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc/htm/engperliwdiss.htm) If I were in your situation, I would at least want to find out what my rights are, what is discriminatory and what is allowed by law. Call them and simply explain that you believe that you were not considered eligible for a job because you have an EAD card as opposed to a Green Card.

    I have sent an email to the id listed on that site (osccrt@usdoj.gov)with emails from Capital One which says they are not in favor of EADs. Will update once I hear back.

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  • senthil1
    05-10 11:30 AM
    It is not true that all the H1bs are creating jobs. For one example I worked in a big garment company and they laid off hundreds of people(around 800) 4 years back and did offshoring 90% with 10% H1b and L1 to Infosys. This would have created less than 10 new admin jobs for setting up office here but it displaced 800 jobs plus all the new projects(jobs) go to Infosys and US government lost millions in taxes for a private company to save a few million dollars. But if a H1b is a real innovator or investor then he could create scores of new jobs but those guys are very less. They should be identified and rewarded by faster GC process.

    But real intention of H1b when it was created was to fill shortage of skills but not for competing with citizens in rate. If the real intention is to compete globally then that needs to be revealed while lobbying with Senators. There is nothing wrong with immigrants or H1b persons. Most abuses are done and enouraged by employers. Corporations prefers a person always to be in H1b so they want more H1b quota and less gc so that they can exploit people.

    Basically H1b numbers and offshoring needs to be increased when demand is high(Really it was needed on 1999 and 2000) and it needs to be decreased when demand is low. Also today also there is shortage of skills in a few areas. System should handle those also.

    Hunter, this is the first sensible post from you. Now you agree that abusers of this H1 visa system are corporations not the immigrants on their own. So far you were busy bashing immigrants.

    Also if US is a free market and capitalist society, why should corporates employ "whoever" is locally available. Its a private money afterall. Shouldent it be upto them to decide how to spend? Also most US corps, have local presence and as for taking a tax break, I hope companies did not promise to create "ALL" jobs in US. Majority of local jobs go to US citizens. They still create thousands of local jobs and pay H1 visa fees part of which goes to train american workforce. If the wages were equal, its more expensive for a company to hire H1 worker.

    09-09 01:03 PM
    Good to see some initiatives on flower / call campaign.

    Please, while sending flowers/ calling Congress members - fax the copy on what Alen Greenspan said few weeks back. Its VERY important they know about this - http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080813/...y_greenspan_dc

    I have said it before and will say it again - " Nothing else but ONLY 'current economy ' will make this bill pass ". To get enonomy back on track, they need to fix housing market first.

    05-22 05:28 PM

    With the June visa bulletin, my priority date became current. My Labor and 140 already approved. When can I apply for I485? After May 31 or before May 31.

    Thanks for your help.


    From June 1st to June 30th. Good luck!!