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  • man-woman-and-gc
    01-14 11:32 AM
    This is the easiest and the least that anyone can do for themselves and their family.

    This a good opportunity to make ourselves heard. If you have already written a letter, talk to one more person into writing it. We need numbers to back ourselves in front of lawmakers.

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  • vjkypally
    10-05 10:43 PM
    Congrats SOP. You are not unlucky anymore.:)

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  • mirsava
    01-09 01:56 PM
    My I485 is pending since October of 2006. I had a RFE for medical in april of 2007 and replied quickly. Since then there is no movement in my case. I contacted USCIS several times and they told me that my name check is pending...

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  • indianindian2006
    09-10 02:14 AM
    Wife called all of them I am starting to call now

    Called all of them....... will call again tommorow


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  • madhuvj
    08-21 11:14 AM
    I dont think there is any issue with the way CIS allocates Visa. They clearly have specific definition and reservation when it comes to VISA categories. If you look in that aspect, EB1 comes first then EB2 and EB3. But this is very specific to VISA Category and does not mean the individuals. So If some one, who qualifies for EB2, but for some reason, he applies for Visa under EB3, it is not the fault of the system, it is the fault of the Individual. This includes me, since Iam May 2003, EB3-I. I do qualify for EB2. So I cant crib. If i want, I can change company and file EB2, for which I think, I am qualified or not apply under EB3 knowing the consequences until I find some one who can file my GC in EB2. When I file my GC under EB3, then in true terms, Iam degrading my self and i should face the consequences. Does it not make sense. So, I suggest work towards the immigration bill and try to make calls to get HR.5882 passed, Otherwise, I dont see any future for EB3. May be EB2 is better than EB3 in true definition, but that does not mean EB2 folks are better in anyway than EB3 folks. Hope u all agree.

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  • sri1309
    01-09 04:03 PM
    Please do this, register yourself, and search for "immigration". You will see 10-15 questions. Please vote for them. Please pass on the message to your friends. Obama wants to hear from us..

    Its better not to create the same question again. Please do. This is our chance.. Let us be heard.


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  • eastindia
    11-16 04:16 PM
    Vonage reaches settlement with states - Business First of Louisville: (http://louisville.bizjournals.com/louisville/stories/2009/11/16/daily11.html)

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  • pappu
    08-21 10:49 AM
    >> any unused visa should be given to the oldest PD irrespective of Country/Category...
    What is the legal basis to back this claim? Probably this should be included in the letter as well.

    Proud to be an Indian-American and Legal Immigrant

    All of you guys are smart ,highly skilled immigrants.

    Let me make one thing clear. Govt has defined EB categories : EB1 , Eb2 and EB3 . based on level of exp and education etc..

    Now that your employer has applied for you in Eb3 even though you were qualified under Eb1 or Eb2 then govt can't do any thing. Like if you are making 70k with 5 years exp and which is ok as per your labor cert of H1b then govt cannot do any thing . Even though u r less paid compare to market.

    same thing here.. If you think you can qualify for Eb2 and your employer want to apply as EB2 . It should not be issue. You are most welcome to do so. But I see common ground as HR 5882. Why dont we work hard and hard to get HR 5882 pass. One of my friend has MS from USA from top uni. with 18 years of exp from India and 3 years of exp in big 5 from USA. Still his recent employer applied under Eb3 . Should he complained to govt ???
    He left current employer and found another who willing to apply under Eb2.

    Unless Eb1 current Eb2 should not get any spill over same way unless Eb2 current Eb3 should not get Spill over. No matter what way you fight govt wont agree to give high priority to Eb3 compare to Eb1 or Eb2 . as from VDLRAO's post Eb2 does not need much visa to become current so if we get recaptured visa then eb2 will be current and Eb3 will get most of visa out of those recaptured visa.

    CALL CALL CALL CALL unless you win.. Dont need to fight here which is not going to work out for any one.

    I tend to agree with both.

    You need strong arguments and they need to have legal basis. Laws cannot be changed by an agency that only follows laws.

    If you are eligible for EB2 and cannot file in Eb2 and your employer filed in Eb3, it is not a strong argument. Likewise you cannot change the spillover rule without strong legal justification. You need change of law.
    Visa recapture is the best option.


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  • intbuz
    08-19 02:36 PM

    is it NSC or TSC

    thanks guys, it's NSC

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  • needhelp!
    01-11 03:25 PM
    So thats just somebody's interpretation of letter campaign. Perhaps one of the enthusiasts over here should post something over there differentiating the goals of the letter campaign from illegal immigration along with all the arguments posted here and explain that their interpretation is incorrect.

    Why not take it upon yourself to help out?


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  • veera72
    09-14 04:52 PM

    Today I have called Immigration people to check the status.I have no luck, you may try with below number and options.

    Phone # 18003755283
    Tell them U had sent the application more than 90 days.

    140 approved by TSC
    LUD on I-140 of 8-5-07
    I-485 filed with NSC on 2nd july

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  • immi_twinges
    07-14 06:44 PM
    Sometimes I wonder how these bozos get elected to office. These congressmen who misread the law, how can they get away with making such false statements over mainstream national media ? What is particularly appalling is , why haven't we heard any outbursts from media or other government quarters challenging his statements. What a mess...

    We should not let go of this.
    Being a congressman he should not misuse his first amendment to utter false statements.

    Dear congressman...i pity your lack of knowledge on H1B program and USCIS policies... We can help you understand better....Please do not make a fool out of your self.... I hope people do not look at you as a moron...and we wish you all the best in your political career.


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  • makemygc
    06-15 01:41 PM
    Filed for EAD for my husband along with the I 485's and have had all receipts, also had fingerprints done already, exactly one month after the receipt date. Sent both entire packets of forms with checks to Nebraska. We did not file advanced parole since I still have a valid H1B and plan to stay in my current job until I get my card. Husband will work on EAD and will not travel until gets his card, no family left in England.

    Don't you have to file Advanced Parole for your husband or can he travel just on EAD?

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  • hope_4_best
    05-26 07:35 PM
    One of the information required in I-485 form is:-
    C. List your present and past membership in or affilation with every organization , association, fund....

    I am currently a member of the below listed service oriented/not for profit organizations.


    Do I need to tell about them?

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.


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  • ss777
    03-18 09:31 AM
    Thanks for your response. I agree with your point that "what uscis wants" prevails. I was trying to see if its possible to make sure EAD & AP are based on 485 with an approved underlying 140. I am not trying to get "multiple EAD/AP". Only trying to renew at the expiration of current once and trying to see if that can be based on new 485. My A# is same for both 485's
    My questions again:
    1. When I renew EAD/AP should I check that its renewal or initial application option.
    2. How can I make sure (atleast try) the new EAD/AP will not be tied to old 485 but the new one (will send the new 485 receipt & 140 approval notice).

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  • test101
    07-09 06:36 PM
    Time to send pizza then


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  • delhiguy79
    12-13 08:50 AM
    Hi Canadian_Dream,

    Congratulations on 485 approval...

    Can you please brief us abt the priority dates, ur country of all applications. And also plz tell whether you had same A#s on both 485 applications.

    It will be really helpful for us...Thanks in advance.

    I agree with you on this, there is some truth to this that there could be delays when there are multiple filings. In fact this is the first time when USCIS has to deal with so many multiple filings, a very few lawyers have any direct experience with it. From USCIS Standard Operating Procedure, there is a mention of "second filing" (not duplicate filing) in the following places:
    1. Procedural Overview (Page 4)
    2. File Review (Page 46)
    3. Interview Waiver Criteria (Page 185)
    From the link above:
    In (1) and (2) above it says second filing should be handled under the normal process. Although if different A# are assigned case goes to CRU (case resolution unit). But if A# assigned are same, you are more or less processed like a normal case. The last part (3) interview waiver criteria, multiple filing is mentioned as one of the deviations from interview waiver criteria but it NOT the interview criteria itself. In the end processing time for multiple filing is very much up to the discretion of adjudicating officer. Also, I didn't find any reason to believe that there could be issues with security check with multiple filings.
    I think all of us multiple filers can breathe easy if our cases are filed clearly with full disclosure of information without any intended willful violation.

    I am a multiple filer too, my I-485 application filed in early June was approved last week. I hope this gives some reason for optimism for us multiple filers. Good luck to everyone. BTW: I am still a contributing member and will continue to hang out at IV.

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  • BharatPremi
    10-17 05:21 PM

    I need your opinion and advise on this.

    Old file - First File:
    current employer:A

    EB3-Country: India(Bharat)-RIR-PD:07/2*/2003, I-140 approved - 485/AP/EAD/G-325 A filed on 07/12/2007 - EAD received, Soon FP appointment - NO AP yet - (myself-Primary+3) filing

    New file - Second File:

    Future Employer: B
    EB2-Country: India(Bharat)-PERM: PD:06/2*/2006,I-140 approved - NO 485 is filed under this yet.
    Note: Labor for both applications has similar codes except new filing is based
    on "Seniority" and thus EB2.

    Now in light of October 2007 visa bulletin prediction given on www.murthy.com, It looks like EB2 may go ahead with comparision to EB3 ( Eb2: may stuck at January 2003 and EB3 May 2001/2) and by reading page 130 to 134 from the following link it looks like Priority date still matters even after filing 485 and your case can go on VISA HOLD SHELF if at the time of adjudication visa number is not available.



    1) Suppose my EB2 PD (I-140 approved, no 485 filed) become current prior to
    my EB3 PD (current employment- 485 is filed under this) and for some
    months if I see EB3 may not move ahead what would be the best startegy
    out of following?

    - PORT (EB2 PD: 06/2*/2006) PD to my current 485 file which is based on
    EB3 with PD 07/2*/2003. Can we PORT NEW PD to the file based on OLD
    PD? I know OLD PD can be ported to NEW PD but what about reverse

    - File another set (Myself+3) of 485 as new application under EB2 (Future
    Employer) mentioning current A# numbers.

    - File another set (Myself+3) of 485 as new application under EB2 (Future
    Employer) mentioning current A# numbers with PORTING of OLD PD (EB3
    PD 07/2*/2003).

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    - BharatPremi

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  • Caliber
    10-07 01:37 PM
    The USCIS calls this efficiency. I wish these folks to be on the receiving end of their own treatment in their next life.

    Dear Alterego,

    What do you think we are? We were INS officers in our past lifes and troubled all these Chinese and Italian immigrants. That is the reason, why we are born to take back what we gave them in past life.

    09-23 05:17 PM
    I am sure they are PDs ..see sudden spike in mar 2005. If it was ND or RD you would see that spike in Jul - sep 2007

    they are RD's not PD's

    IF they were PD's we shouldnot be seeing anything after Jul 2007 [as those were the farthest PD's ever reached].

    01-05 07:43 PM
    This may not be a big change. These laws made more sense when they had less or no wait to get into the country for Perm residency and then wait long enough (5 Years) to understand how this country works, before getting a citizenship.
    With the change in the cirumstances, it is not case anymore. Most of the people waiting for GC are much better of with the way things work in this country. So we are basically not challenging the law but the interpretation.

    More over If CIR can promise a path to citizenship for illegals, I don't know why not this can be done for legals.