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  • paskal
    01-27 01:53 PM
    The requirement for a transit visa to enter the UK is not a new requirement. They were introduced because a significant number of passengers decided to remain in the UK rather than simply transit.

    Before they were introduced, passengers had the ability to remain in the UK for up to 24 hours, enter the UK, change airports etc (this is called TWOV or Transit Without Visa and still remains for applicable nationals).

    The intent of the Transit Visa is to ensure that the passenger will be accepted by the third country.

    There are still issues with passengers who hold transit visas with a stated intention of transitting the UK. Either they are not accepted by the transitting airline and are returned to the point of origin, or they simply claim "political assylum" when they land in the UK and then they become the responsibility of the British Government.

    the previous transit visa was a reuqirement for those that wanted to leave the airport...hence the 24 hr period. i have no issue with that- just to clarify. i do appreciate what you point out - that people overstay.

    the new avatar of the TV applies even to those that are simply changing gates- ie walking from one plane to another WITHOUT ever setting foot on UK soil. i know this because i have changed planes in LON in the past WITHOUT a transit visa. in some cases as the air india passengers have pointed out, you don't even change planes, you are offloaded and go through security, and then return to the same plane again...hey tell me why i should be harassed and pay 90 bucks X 3 for my family- not to mention traveling 300 miles because "personal appearance"s needed- just to climb back on the plane and continue a journey? how can i seek asylum or overstay without being on UK soil (the intl transit area in any airport before immigration is an intl zone) ?
    as for the airline not accepting the passenger onwards, that is something all airlines determine at the point of departure these days, the americans do a pre screen at the airport to ensure no such hassles.
    the previous version of the TV was perfectly fine, the current one, for me, is undue harassment, even if i have an AP i should go 300 miles to the nearest consulate to get one for the privilege of changing gates? sorry bud...don't see why. there are easier ways to go home, and if the ticket costs a 100 bucks more- hey that's just the TV fees anyway right?

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  • hsingh82
    06-15 10:09 AM
    l1fraud if you do not like fraud , report it.
    If you are scared of losing your job, then find another job.
    If you are worried about getting replaced, then upgrade your skills and get competitive rather than crying about it.
    If you are not happy with your salary in your profession and then people will get $5/hr due to outsourcing, then change your profession and accept globalization. You racist good for nothing folks had it good for very long. Do not expect $100/hr for HTML coding anymore.
    If you want to launch a crusade against it, then how about openly declare with your name , phone number and start your website against it.

    If you cannot do anything other than whining anonymously, then join loser's guild. (I guess you are already)

    BS... absolute BS ... how about you stop being his mentor. The guy is losing is job because of FRADULENT means used by a company, he is not complaining that his junior upgraded his/her skills and is replaced by him/her. You are basically suggesting a victim of a robbery not to complain to police and instead go to gym more often!! Stop this nonsense please.

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  • anilkumar0902
    08-18 09:52 AM
    Anil....your prediction stands good...i also got approval emails exactly 2 weeks after assigning to IO...

    13 year GC wait ends here ....just now got CPO....

    May be, i should start thinking seriously about Predictive Analytical Modeling ...


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  • diptam
    06-26 10:35 PM
    Box a) is saying 140 approved ... But in my case 140 is Applied ...

    Shall i check box a) or check box h) Other basis ??


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  • poddar007
    01-16 08:59 AM
    What is this case#



    I'd posted a note earlier. I haven't received any updates yet. I am in contact with 4 other people who interviewed on 4th Jan and are still awaiting a reply. The kentucky number mentioned in one of the replys confirms the date on which our H1 was approved. When you call up the number, on mentioning your case #, it pulls up the date on which H1b was approved.

    Could anyone who's received a email/ call please post a message to the group, indicating the wait time and date of the first interview?


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  • mhathi
    09-09 12:00 PM
    Add Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.)202- 225-3072 in NOT TO CALL LIST

    Thanks, I edited my OP


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  • nk2006
    11-07 05:10 PM
    I will send out the documents tomorrow. Can you forward the docs to my email id senthilpkumar@hotmail.com?


    I just sent them to the email address you provided. Thanks.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-29 04:30 PM
    So, what made you import yourself here? You could have stayed back in your own country..by the way, coming on a H4 was a choice..it wasn't forced upon you...didn't you know before coming here that you would have to stay home on a H4? H4->F1, H4->H1...all these options are always open to you..

    Can we just stay away from these personal remarks?



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  • sravani
    05-16 08:30 PM

    I'm in trouble situation, maybe somebody can give advice.
    I can file I-485(Eb3 March 2005). But my wife & daugther basically out of status. Their H4 visas were not extended.
    Before june bulletin I was thinking to go back home with my daughter (she is under 18) and try to get visa in consulate. It was attorney advice. Also he suggest to file for an asylym for my wife.
    Now I'm going to file I-485 for whole family regardless what attorney will tell me.
    Is it good idea to go directly to uscis office and ask them (can I file)?
    And what will happen if their apps gets denied?

    Any ideas?

    I think in your case the best thing is to go out of country with your wife and daughter, get their passports stamped, reenter us and apply 485 with the new I-94.

    This is what I think, but I am no expert...

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  • logiclife
    01-19 06:37 PM
    However, if there is so much noise over immigration in general, then atleast there is hope of comprehensive immigration bill being considered by Senate which will lead to overall comprehensive legislation -- a vehicle that can carry legal immigration reform also.

    Nice post APNAIR.



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  • nk2006
    10-30 10:58 AM
    Do I need to sign the letters or just Name and Address ok.

    Please do sign with your name and address/phone number below. Thanks.

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  • GCWorries100
    10-05 02:38 PM
    Let me say congrats first.

    Why it took upto October in your case?

    Mine is April 06- EB2 india. Got RFE. and answered on 29 sep( Received by uscis - 30 Sep) .
    When we can I expect approval?

    Do you can suggest any thing?

    Primary Applicant:
    Priority Date: March 2006
    Got RFE : April 2009
    Got Another RFE : September 1 2010
    Responded to RFE on : September 22 2010
    I-485 Approval : September 28 2010
    Received welcome letter: Oct 4 2010
    Still waiting for the card.

    Applied for wife's 485 - Sept 07 2010
    Got receipt numbers - Oct 4 2010
    Waiting for further process


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  • msekhargc
    01-08 10:25 AM
    great idea.
    I will send the letters after returing from India

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  • 7software
    09-15 05:24 PM
    I would like to give update on visa availability. My PD is 03/06- EB2. Opened SR for me and my spouse on 08/30/10

    1. For me, letter by USPS came stating that, I485 is at USCIS local office and will notify about decision in 30 days

    2. Spouse got below response by email (On 09/13/2010)

    "The status of this service request is:

    Your I-485 application is waiting for a visa number to become available. When it becomes available, it will be assigned to an adjudicator to make a decision on the case.

    If you have not heard from the service within 30 days after your number becomes available, you can make an Info pass appointment to visit the Customer Service Division,
    at the District office"

    On 09/14/10 we took infopass and spoke to customer service representative. She told that visa Numbers are not available any more and also checked validity of finger prints in system.

    Told us that they are expired (Till now we gave 2 times, one in sept 07, 2nd one in may 09 (FP are valid for for 15m)) - I guess we need to give 3 rd time soon.

    She told that dates for FP at ASC center are not available and will try to send us ASAP when Visa Numbers are available.


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  • mchundi
    09-19 04:27 PM
    i am waiting too, for the full month of june my attorney was sitting on my case not filing it as they were busy preparing the doc's for the july filers, finally they filed on july 2.

    finally i received my(and my wife's) FP notice. My ND is Aug 14th and it is from NSC(not CSC). I(my lawyer) never received my Receipt notice.

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  • funny
    08-07 05:11 PM
    since a lot of people are debating on this issue and a lot are researching on it ( i know atleast 2 people are actively researching on this topic :D). Does any one know how can i find the status of my PD porting. My lawyer sent the request in June after 3-4 days a say LUD on my 485/140/EAD/AP. I filed my 485 on July 2nd 2007 with a ND of August 17 2007. My EB3 PD is oct 2003 and my EB2 PD is July 2006. Do you guys think the LUD was because USCIS has Ported/interfiled my PD, Is there a chance for the Green in next 2 months?

    I think the people who are trying to file the Lawsuit must be the most knowledegable people about this issue, Can you guys provide some +ve response for a change.:D


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  • nogreen4decade
    09-15 12:37 PM
    I received this email today.


    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    485 Journey:

    1) Filed 485 in July'07.
    2) Changed job in September '08 and also filed AC21 in December 2008
    3) My PD got current this month.
    4) Infopass on September 1st,2010. IO said, my case is sitting at NSC and also pending FBI background check. So I lowered my hopes to get my approval anytime soon, because of all pre-adjudicated cases.
    5) Got CPO email this morning (September 15th,2010)

    Thanks for IV contributions to immigration related issues. I am going to contribute more soon.

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  • bkn96
    11-14 08:18 PM
    I am new to forum. How to contact PD_reacpturing?

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  • factoryman
    06-18 05:15 PM
    EOM. Should this be a question or if you use less paper, will you be considered environmental friendly and way to faster GC.

    Don't waste your time and energy on trifles. I can, because I am done with filing and work at office.
    How the forms to be printed? One sided or back to- back?

    09-08 11:09 PM
    Got CPO email this afternoon. I did not get any other emails (like welcome or decision emails) before this email. Is that normal to send the CPO email before sending the decision notice email?


    09-02 08:33 PM
    Please send me email so that i can subscribe this service