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  • satishku_2000
    09-22 12:37 AM

    My pending I-140 (filed an year ago...June 2006) was transferred from TSC to NSC on 09/05/2007, because my I-485 was filed with NSC. What date willl NSC use as received date to process my case...the date they received from TSC or the original receipt date?

    Isn't it(140 filed at TSC almost an year ago) supposed to be certified by now?
    TSC has been much faster at certifying 140s . Looks like USCIS is transferrring the 140s from TSC ... I can only pray for alll concurrent fileres that filed at TSC ...

    140s at NSC are almost taking an year according to latest processing times.

    Just curious did you have an RFE?

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  • gaffarkhan
    07-16 02:23 PM
    Mine showing as they recd on October 2nd 2006. Whether anybody got approved in that range from Nebraska?


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  • Leo07
    10-13 05:59 PM
    Good Luck all the way.

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  • santa123
    10-01 08:35 PM
    what is the purpose of this thread? :mad:


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  • gondalguru
    06-30 01:17 AM
    any bill that has immigration provisions will not be taken on agenda neither by sanate nor by house any time soon... and my guess is that that time will last atleast one and half year till the presidential election is done...

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  • mrsr
    07-09 08:08 PM
    How about this idea?


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  • oliTwist
    05-17 11:38 AM
    Hi folks,

    My baddest of the bad phases started recently when I lost my wife's birth certificate from India. Worst part is we dont have backup (no photo copies of it).

    Anyways, We are waiting in the 485 queue, working on EADs. Question to all folks, do still need birth certificate now for the green card process, as we have already sent the application?

    And how bad it is with redtape/corruption in India, to get another birth certificate from my wife's birth hospital, when we try by ourselves (I mean not involving our/her parents), when we visit India next time (maybe for a month)?

    Appreciate your responses..

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  • milind70
    07-27 11:19 AM
    Since Company A is for future Emp and I never worked for it. Can I still use AC21 and join Company B. Thanks once again
    Yes you can but the on the job they mentioned in thier LC


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  • EAD
    10-31 04:51 PM
    We went for FP today and my wife had henna on her hands. I was concerned about it but it never was an issue. The FP went as if she had nothing on her hands instead the FP people pleasently talked abt henna.

    We went to the Atlanta office, the staff was pleasent, work flow streamlined and we were done in less than an hour although they looked and checked our hands almost four times for bandages and cuts.

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  • quizzer
    08-29 07:14 PM
    Last week i received the letter about my RFE for my I140 which they received on Feb 8, 2007. I'm a EB3 category from Bangladesh.

    USCIS requested for the tax information of the company
    My W2 for last year and
    My Pay Stub....

    Is there anything else extra i have the provide. do i have to worry about anything towards my approval or this is just a regular process to go through.

    Was it from texas or nebraska?


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  • dbevis
    January 11th, 2005, 02:36 PM
    I like the colors, and the silhouetted person. Personally, I think cropping out a lot of the top (roughly the upper 1/2 of the picture) would make it more interesting. This would also give it a panorama-like appearance.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 01:40 AM
    The information that is provided in this post is relevant as of Friday May 15, 2009. This is coming from our local AILA chapter Chair.

    As many of our readers know, at the conclusion of the Marriage based adjustment of status interview, the immigration officer, upon approval, used to stamp the immigrant's passport with the I-551 (Green Card) stamp. This used to be an immediate proof that the case was approved and the applicant could work and travel using this stamp. As the actual production of the Green Cards became so fast, the practice of stamping applicants' passports stopped as well in most states across the nation.

    It seems that things are changing, hence the recent notice from USCIS. According to the notice we received, the Green Card Facility in KY is undergoing renovation. USCIS' card production capability will be reduced over the next several months. They will expand the use of ADIT Temporary Green Card stamps as temporary evidence of LPR status.

    The Stamps will be valid for 12 months (previously only 30 days validity was given). Work permits and travel documents (advance paroles) will be collected at the interview from the clients. The stamp will be the only proof of work and travel authorization in such cases. It looks like this policy will continue for the next 6-12 months. This is a nationwide policy and is not taking place only in San Diego.

    We will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/05/san_diego_immigration_lawyer_u.html)


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  • sbmallik
    06-12 03:48 PM
    After the initial H-1B period maxes out, the beneficiary needs to move out of the US but not necessarily to the home country, for at least a year. Please read here (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=110aec897643f010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD) for details.

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  • Hello_Hello
    11-08 11:11 AM
    Were you joking or you really meant what you wrote ?
    Do you think anyone will even mention (hopefully get solutions) the eb backlogs to the President when he is touring India? Do you think anything good might come out of it for us?


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  • ImmigrationAnswerMan
    01-11 10:25 AM
    Vacation days can be counted in the 5 years. A leave of absence might not be able to be counted in the years of experience.

    *This information is of a general nature for education purposes only and should not be relied upon without first consulting with an immigration law attorney. This information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

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  • regacct
    07-12 10:49 AM
    Congress Must Stop Playing Immigration Futbol - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/s/cq/20100708/pl_cq_politics/politics3698103_1)

    ..... Even as they battle each other, both parties are losing, too. By demanding ever harsher enforcement measures, Republicans are kicking away support from Latinos, the nation's fastest-growing demographic group.

    And Democrats, by insisting on "comprehensive" reform to appease liberal and Latino activists, are losing the chance to enact incremental changes that might build a consensus for full reform.

    ....The idea of incremental reform has been advocated for years by the founder of the National Immigration Forum, Rick Swartz, but it has been resisted -- and still is -- by many activists who demand nothing less than earned legalization for most of the country's 12 million illegal immigrants.

    .... A "down payment" bill ought to pass this year. After all, 11 Senate Republicans have supported immigration reform in the past. But the bottom line is that nothing at all will pass this year. What about next year?

    Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) told me that 2011 should be the year for action both on the nation's debt problem and immigration -- but he said that "border security first" would continue to be the GOP mantra.

    .... You'd like to think that maybe Republicans and Democrats could act like adults, call a truce and agree to compromise reform legislation gradually leading to legal status for illegal immigrants.

    You'd like to think it, but it would be utterly -- and sadly -- out of character for those in power in Washington, D.C.


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  • snathan
    07-24 05:21 PM
    My current company's CEO is retiring and the other partners are forming a new company. The current company will continue as a corporation and in the new corporation the current CEO will have 10% share. The new co will start with the current client base, employees, equipment, web site and use the current company's name as a DBA.

    I am on H1-B visa with the current company and in the process for Permanent Residency with my I-140 approved and awaiting for the Priority Date to become current .

    If the current company terminated me and i got re-hired with the new co.. what would i need to do for my H1-B visa and the Green card process. Please advice ASAP.


    If its a new company, you need to do H1B transfer and start the GC from PERM. If the I-140 is not revoked, you can retain the PD.

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  • amitgeorge
    05-17 03:28 AM
    No 2

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  • rpat1968
    09-19 11:12 PM
    My PD is July 2004 EB2 with RD 02 July 2007, ND 09 Aug 2009. NC cleared in Oct 2007, Biometrics renewed by USCIS Feb 2009 and all primary and dependent cases PreAdjudicated on 13th Apr 2009.

    While doing routine status check this month by opening SR's I came to know that USCIS has screwed up my EB category on my pending I-485 application in NSC. Looks like the data entry was screwed by the USCIS contractors or mail room personell. Also the PreAdj process also completely overlooked this mistake and preadjudicated my case. Because of their mistake my case was not even considered for approvals this month and also last years when the dates were current.

    I created multiple SR's and did 3 infopass appointments to find out what is the current EB Classification and finally was able to confirm through infopass appointment that USCIS has put me and my family in EB3 category (GC category E36, E37, E38) instead of EB2 (E21).

    SR response were vague and did not help much. Infopass appointments were of very little help as IO's in Dallas Infopass center are not trained to handle EB - I485 related issues. They don't have access to enough information to help us. They don't know how to use their own system to find information. Tried POJ method to reach IO but always got connected to useless CSR's.

    I have only one I-140 in Eb2. My lawyer wrote to USCIS this Friday. I don't know when USCIS will correct the mistake so that they can Adjudicate my case being current this month and next month.
    CSR's are not letting me open SR's as I have already opened 3 SR's ( 2 on my own and 1 through IO in infopass).

    Did anyone has any similar experience with USCIS screwing up their application? If yes how were you able to get this fixed. Please post if you have any USCIS-NSC expedited addresses, FAX numbers, Direct contact addresses for Senior USCIS officals or procedures for submitting issues. Any help with be greatly appreciated.


    09-15 04:47 PM
    I wonder what the ACLU will come up with :)

    07-24 05:35 PM
    Once you use your 485 related EAD , then you can switch back to H1-B . If this switch is less than an year, then there is a possibilty you might, but definitely after an year, you will need to apply for fresh H-1 subject to quota and all.
    If you are primary applicant, then my advise would be to use H1-B if you can.